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Last week my friend Hannah suggested via Facebook that it would be fun to get some of my friends to pick out a complete outfit for me. I loved the idea – not only would it potentially unearth some great new combinations I hadn’t thought of, but it would also give me a day off! I’m not naturally a super-creative person, so it is often a bit of an effort for me to push myself to create new outfits day after day.

Today’s outfit was picked out for me by my lovely mother-in-law. I was really happy to wear it even though it wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen for myself. I was a little hesitant about the shoes – I love how they add that great colour, but was concerned that the ankle strap in conjunction with the skirt’s longer length made my legs look a little stumpy. Perhaps it would have looked a little better if my skirt was a little shorter and a little more tapered, but all the same I think it had a nice overall shape and colour balance.

I’m surprised it hasn’t occurred to me to wear this owl shirt with black before, I love the contrast – I’d like to try it with skinny black jeans instead of the skirt. This experiment really was a lot of fun so I’m planning to do it again, possibly about once a fortnight. I expect it will be mainly friends and family participating as “guest stylists”, but if anybody out in blog-land would like to play along then by all means shoot me an email ( and let me know your outfit idea using items I have worn on this blog.

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