The Long And The Short Of It

The Long And The Short Of It (1)

The Long And The Short Of It (2)

The Long And The Short Of It (3)

The Long And The Short Of It (4)

There are times when I spring straight into action. It was only a few days ago I decided maybe I needed to invest in some more shorts, and then the opportunity arose on Saturday to go shopping by myself. BAM. New shorts! Yes, I know, I was already in pocket-money debt after my recent shoe-shopping spree. But shop-portunities don’t come around too often so I’ll be fine to just sit tight for the next 6-8 weeks until I’m back on track. (I really am a very responsible adult when it comes to finances, I’ve never yet had to pay interest on a credit card, don’t worry about me!)

I quite like these shorts for a number of reasons:
1. They were 30% off
2. They are ripped, which makes me feel a bit edgy
3. They are adjustable length

In case you didn’t notice first scroll, I’ve modelled both lengths above (they do roll up shorter again, but there is NO WAY I’m going there so I’m not even counting that). I don’t think they are particularly intended to be worn long, but the option’s there for a nice mid-length look. Rolled up they turn into what I consider quite short shorts – obviously it is physically possible to go shorter, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with that for myself.

I think I prefer the shorter option look-wise, my legs look longer and the rolled cuff adds interest. They do feel a little tight around the old legs when I sit down though (ultimate test for shorts), so I expect I’ll be mainly wearing them long.

But it’s always nice to have the option don’t you think?

The Long And The Short Of It (5)

I can hardly believe these shorts can be rolled up even higher! Umm, no thanks.

[Shorts: Jeanswest $35]


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