Scared Of Paint

Scared Of Paint (1)

Scared Of Paint (2)

The last time I wore this floral print singlet I wasn’t very happy with the outfit, and then looking back I realised I hadn’t been all that happy with ANY outfits including this top. I decided I would have to demote it to my workout clothing pile. It unexpectedly got a chance to redeem itself today – I had a couple of new tops I was keen to play with (purchased at the same time as the shorts I wore yesterday), but this morning I took the girls to the local community playgroup. Playgroup is full of new-clothing potential disasters. Grubby fingers, play-doh, chalk, ink stamps, paint, the list goes on.

I looked through my wardrobe for the top I would care least if it was accidentally ruined. I’m sure that title wouldn’t boost the self esteem of my floral top, but on the other hand I think this is the best it’s looked so far! It must be the skirt – is it the shade of blue denim, the shape, perhaps both? Here are some other ways I’ve worn it:

Turtles (2)Hot Day (1)Ponytail Dare (1)

I would argue that this floral singlet doesn’t belong in a functional wardrobe if it’s so hard to create a good outfit with. But it definitely has a place with my running gear, and might even make the odd appearance on here still.


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