Vivid Violet

Vivid Violet (1)

Vivid Violet (2)

Vivid Violet (3)

Today I’m a walking advertisement for Jeanswest. The kind of advertisement where I pay them to showcase their clothes. Doesn’t sound fair, does it! The tag on this top describes the colour as “vivid violet”, which seems about right to me. I’m not going to label this piece an investment, because it’s definitely not perfect. What it has going for it though is an awesome shade of purple – I really love wearing a good purple, but too many seasons go by without any to be seen.

What I really don’t get is the – for lack of a better term – butt flap. I guess it’s a nod to the recent trends of high-low hems and colour blocking, but it’s kind of weird. The colour contrast I can understand, but a bit of non-stretch material sewn on the bottom of a really stretchy t-shirt, and placed oddly at that? Kind of like they just ran out of fabric to finish off the back so just used what was lying around? I’m the first to admit I just don’t “get” some things in the world of fashion, but all the same I don’t intend to leave it like this. For the most part I’ll probably wear it tucked in (problem solved), but otherwise I might alter the hem a bit. Probably take it up in line with the front, so there’s still a colour contrast but not hanging down below.

Just out of curiosity, does anybody else think the “butt flap” is cool? If you do, I challenge you to convince me to leave it as it is!

Vivid Violet (4)

[Top: Jeanswest, 2 for $35]


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