Clever Tricks

Clever Tricks (1)

Clever Tricks (2)


I’m not sure if you recognise my “skirt” as the summer dress I wore last weekend, but I’m really wondering why on earth I took so long to get it out! The cool change has finally kicked in and while it’s still quite mild it isn’t hot any more. This means my navy t-shirt has two functions today: an extra layer for warmth, and to create a completely new look with my dress. I’m feeling just a little bit clever right now.

I folded the hem of my t-shirt up a couple of times, and then held it in place using a waist belt. I didn’t know how well it would work, but I honestly don’t think the extra bulk was noticeable and it stayed in place all day. I’m really pleased with how it worked and I’ll definitely be doing it again. I also love how I’m wearing a printed dress with striped shoes, but the two “busy” items look completely at home together as the colours complement perfectly. All in all, I’m labelling this outfit a success!


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