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I’m into my second week of the Pinterest Challenge, where each week I commit to actually using one of the ideas I’ve saved using Pinterest. Today I attempted to recreate this look by Kelley from Threads and Buttons.

As a stay-at-home Mum I’m always on the lookout for casual outfit ideas. I pinned Kelley’s outfit ages ago, loving the casual and relaxed vibe with a touch of sportiness. To me the outfit is “ready for anything” – coffee catchups, running errands, housework, or digging around in the sandpit with the little ones.

I don’t think I’ve totally succeeded in my imitation today. The components seem about right – rolled up skinny jeans, sneakers, a relaxed stripey top. But the overall effect is lacking in effortlessness. Perhaps the contrasting black-and-white provides too much crispness to the look? I might try this again with blue jeans and see if I can improve my version.

On a side note, I’ve finally found a black and white striped top that isn’t too fitted! It’s actually charcoal-and-off-white, but that’s totally fine with me. Plus it has these interesting cut-out pieces on the back which will be fun to layer in the cooler weather.

Imitation (4)

[Top: Jeanswest, 2 for $35]


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