Mission Complete

Mission Complete (1)

Mission Complete (2)

Mission Complete (3)

As I’ve mentioned before I consider this skirt to be one of my “shy clothes“, a piece I have trouble finding different items to pair with. I’ve been on a mission to find this skirt some new friends, and as of today I’m calling it mission complete.

The colour of this skirt is not one that works that well for my skin tone – not disastrous as it’s not worn next to my face, but as a result I find that most of the colours I normally wear don’t really work with it. I couldn’t bear to just throw it away as I made it myself (a rare occurrence), hence my determination to make it work somehow. So far I’ve basically paired it with neutrals – navy blue, white or black. Today I discovered that there are some similar brown colours in my highly versatile floral top and they look great together. And then that somehow opened up my mind to new colour possibilities and I’ve already lined up a purple top that I think will work nicely. (And just for the record, I don’t think these black shoes are ideal for this outfit, but unfortunately I haven’t acquired nude wedges yet.)

It’s never going to be the most versatile piece in my wardrobe – for starters it’s not really a casual skirt so I only ever wear it on Sundays to church, but also it just doesn’t work well with the majority of tops I own. But if I can create three or four different outfits with it, I think that is enough to let it continue to be part of my functional wardrobe.

Here’s a reminder of how I’ve worn it so far:

Sewing SuccessBraid Dare (2)Mission Complete (1)


2 thoughts on “Mission Complete

  1. Anonymous

    Lovely outfit Jess! You could substitute the floral top in this outfit with your black sleeveless top. Try adding your red bead necklace to complete the outfit.


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