Slightly Softer

Slightly Softer (1)

Slightly Softer (2)

For some people this outfit would be bright and colourful, but I consider it more like my version of pastels. Softer blues and pinks – actually if I were to throw on a pink cardi you’d think I was off to a baby shower.

I don’t really have anything more to say about my clothes today, because I’m writing this having just come from netball. It was the semi-final (yay!) which we lost (arrrgh) by ONLY ONE POINT (ARRRGH!). I’m going to blame it on my brother because (a) he’s an awesome player but couldn’t play tonight due to work commitments, and (b) he’s the only one I’m related too and so the only one I can blame without feeling bad. But it wasn’t really his fault, we were up by two points for most of the game. Boo. On the plus side it was a really fun and intense workout, I’m going to miss it for sure.

(By the way, did anybody spot that I’m wearing this dress again, I do think it looks better layered).


2 thoughts on “Slightly Softer

  1. Sarah L

    Hey Jess. Long time reader, first time contributor. Lol.
    Netball tonight was great even though we lost and it will be a shame that its come to an end.
    What I really wanted to suggest was that you cut the top of your dress off and make it into a skirt with a yoga pants style waist band. This would seriously take no time at all.

    The question is are you willing to commit to cutting into your clothing?

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      I think I probably could commit to converting this dress to a skirt, it really doesn’t suit me well in dress form. Yes you’re right it wouldn’t take much time, but it would be SCARY and require a trip to Spotlight to get some elastic. Poor excuses… I’ll give it some serious consideration :)
      It was a good game of netball, you could really sense the “finals” atmosphere, and I will absolutely miss the fun workout. (And the couple of hours off from Mum duty.)
      Thanks for leaving me a comment :)


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