Wardrobe Staple – Green Skirt

Green Dare (1)

I took a risk in purchasing this green skirt. I bought it online from Modcloth, which I believe has a great return policy for US citizens but was going to cost me too much in postage from Australia to bother returning if I didn’t like it. Fortunately there were a lot of helpful reviews from customers on the site to help me find out if the item looked as expected in real life, and what the sizing was like. If I had the chance to try it on first I probably would have gotten the size smaller as this one sits a bit low around my hips. I’ve put a few little darts around the waistline which has helped, although it’s still on the largish size. To be fair, I have lost a little weight since first purchasing it, and I’ve done a dodgy job on the darts!

Apart from purchasing the skirt online the other risk was that it was, umm, a really bright green. It’s not a “safe” colour, it’s one you have to commit to. The first time I wore it I did what I always do with scary new things, paired it with basic black and white. I’ve managed to do a few different things with it since, including contrasting purple and some printed tops. Here are some outfits I’ve worn so far:

Two's Company (1)Spicy Island (3)Green And Purple (2)Colour Dare (1)Laces Dare (1)
Retro Dare (1)

I’m not done creating new outfits using this green skirt just yet. I’m sensing a green and navy combination in the near future, followed possibly by green and pink, then who knows what else beyond that. I do feel a little constrained at times – for example: green + red = Christmas, green + yellow = Aussie sports uniform. But it’s not a terrible problem, if anything it encourages me to get more creative!


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