Belted Maxi

Belted Maxi (1)

Belted Maxi (2)

Belted Maxi (3)

I’m into my third week of the Pinterest Challenge, where each week I commit to actually using one of the ideas I’ve saved using Pinterest. Today was inspired by this look by Kendi from Kendi Everyday.

This outfit had the rare privilege of eliciting a comment from Mr Q – “is that belt a bit much?”, meaning was it too bright. I assured him that it wasn’t; I’d tried a red belt and that had seemed a little dull to me. Looking at the pictures though the yellow does seem brighter than I remembered it, and doesn’t pick up the golden yellow from the scarf as well as I had thought. I do think this is partly due to the lighting – in the odd photo I had where the sun was peeking out a little more the colours appeared much more in balance. Hopefully it looked fine in real life.

I really loved this outfit. So far I’ve been kind of avoiding this maxi dress, because as much as I like the idea of it I don’t feel very comfortable in it. I particularly feel self-conscious about my tummy, but throwing a scarf over the top was the perfect visual distraction. The scarf also added a lot of extra warmth without making me feel like I might overheat – I’m forecasting variations on this outfit to be appear regularly from now on!


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