Weirdo (1)

Weirdo (2)

Weirdo (3)

We are building a garage at the moment. When I say “we” are building it, I mean we are paying some guys to build it for us. They were at our place this morning preparing the footings, just quietly getting on with their work. While the girls were happily occupied inside I thought I’d sneak out to take some outfit photos.

While I’m doing my thing, posing and smiling at the camera, one of the workmen walks around my side of the house. Turns out he’s using the power point there for some of his tools. Which is fine. But awkward.

Many bloggers have spoken about uncomfortable moments when taking pictures of themselves out in public, but as I take mine at my house it hasn’t been an issue I’ve had to face. Today I was that weirdo, the one with her hand on her hip and intently smiling at a brick wall.

Weirdo (4)

Attempting to convert my camera-posing into some innocent shoe-adjusting. The next few frames are empty as I’ve walked back inside the house.


One thought on “Weirdo

  1. Rebecca Henreckson

    Love your outfit – such cute shoes, and that sweater goes great with the skirt! I haven’t had TOO many awkward picture taking interactions yet, but that may be because I don’t take my own pictures – I always get a family member or friend to do it for me.


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