Stuff I’ve Learnt – Swapping Accessories

I’ve already talked specifically about belts and scarves, but today I want to extol the virtues of accessories in a general sense. Previously I’d placed accessories firmly in the category of “optional”, but now I understand how useful they can be in a functional wardrobe. Turns out it’s possible to change the look and feel of outfits super quickly by just swapping around some of your accessories.

Many people would find this useful when transforming an outfit from day to night, or from work to play. It’s pretty rare that I need to transition a single outfit for multiple occasions, so for me playing with accessories is mainly about extending my outfit possibilities and getting the most wear out of my existing wardrobe.

The exact same t-shirt and jeans. Boring by themselves, but a great base for accessories. Here are two different vibes – bright and cheerful, and calming neutrals.
Pockets And Belt (1)Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - A Slight Relief
Necklace swapped for earrings, navy belt swapped for red, bright shoes swapped for neutral. It’s obviously still the same dress, but the balance of the outfit is completely changed.
Subtle StatementStatement Earrings Dare (1)
The same lace top with cobalt jeans. Different coloured singlets worn underneath the top alters the visual texture, while tucking it into a belt modifies the shape.
Lace Dare (1)Pumped (1)
Again, this is obviously the same dress in each photo. But each time it feels fresh and exciting to ME, which means it gets worn a whole lot more often than it would otherwise!

Bright yellow belt and colourful scarf

Bright yellow belt and colourful scarf

Simple and clean

Simple and sophisticated

Orange Twist (1)

Bright belt and shoes

Bright Dare (1)

Green sash and white heels

Black Belt (1)

Wide black belt and funky shoes


4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Learnt – Swapping Accessories

  1. robomum

    I’ve re-learnt this recently too. Since kids and fashion becoming more of a budget thing, I’ve been turning day outfits into night outfits with accessories. It’s a great tip to make something a bit more personalised and special.

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      I love the idea of turning a day outfit into a night outfit – unfortunately I really don’t have much call for night outfits at the moment… Maybe when the kids are older? I can dream ;)

  2. Elaine

    hiya can I just say how I love the different things you’re doing with yoru hair? Even when you pin it half back you do it in different ways – looks great! Also looks brilliant all pulled back – are you going to grow it out a bit more? Elaine xx

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thank you :)
      I don’t think I’ll grow it out too much more – it’s just so much easier to look after when it’s short. But I am pretty lazy about getting regular trims…


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