Coloured Tights Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Coloured Tights Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Coloured Tights Dare

Day four of the June Style Dare A Day was “coloured tights”. I decided that as the point of the style dare is to challenge yourself to try new things I really needed to come up with an outfit using my teal tights. I’ve had them for months now and haven’t managed to wear them yet.

These tights are pretty bright, so to balance out the colour I added a cardigan in a similar shade. To give the eye another focal point (other than my brightly coloured legs) I added a red belt. I think the result was okay, but not my favourite.

I’m coming to the conclusion that perhaps coloured tights are not for me after all. It seemed like a great idea as I love to wear a lot of colour, but I’ve found it difficult to incorporate brightly coloured legs into outfits in a cohesive way. Perhaps if I chose less bright shades it might be less overwhelming, but I was worried about buying a colour that didn’t work with my existing clothes. So far my favourite looks using bright tights consist mainly of neutrals (generally black/white/grey) and boots so that only a small amount of the tights are on display. This really limits my options so I think in the future I’ll only be purchasing neutral tights – now my black fleece-lined tights, I’d happily wear them with pretty much anything!

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4 thoughts on “Coloured Tights Dare

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    Well at least you tried it.. i don’t like them on myself but do like the way you styled them. I think if I brave them I will add a boot so you only see a peek of them between my dress or skirt and the top of the boot. That counts right????


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