No Buns Today

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - No Buns Today

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - No Buns Today

Today’s Style Dare was to wear a bun – sorry guys, no bun today! I have attempted a bun previously when my hair was slightly longer, but wasn’t going to be able to pull it off today. At the moment I can barely scrape half of my hair back into a teensy ponytail, so it would have been incredibly scrappy at best. I briefly considered two little pigtail buns, but decided that would be quite silly and not true to my style.

So instead, a regular outfit today, mixing coral and red with plenty of safe neutrals. There was a bit too much black/grey for my liking, so I tried to roll up the sleeves of my blazer just a bit to allow my coral jumper sleeve to poke out slightly. From the photographs I obviously had limited success with achieving this!

Linking up with Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “No Buns Today

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      I used a red belt for a bit more colour and to play off the coral jumper, but I hadn’t considered something like an animal print belt. I don’t actually own any animal print anything (I’m not sure it’s my thing) – but there is a style dare coming up for “leopard print” so I am thinking about giving it a try :)

      1. versatilestylebytracey

        If you are not into animal print, which I am addicted to, the best way to do it is through accessories like a belt, scarf or shoe. It really does become like a neutral and extremely versatile.

  1. Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style

    Oh I love the leopard belt idea. Let me know if you find a good one! I’ve had such an ‘aha’ moment today about the great effect of a shorter layer with a longer cardigan/jacket over top. Cannot believe it’s taken me 31 years to realise how slimming this is! Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday Jess – keep up the good style dare work xo

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      It’s amazing how much you can change the balance of a look by just tucking your top in or switching for a longer/shorter jacket – same here, I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier!


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