Fresh Face Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Fresh Face Dare

Today’s Style Dare was “fresh face”, otherwise known as no-makeup-day. I did fail this challenge today – while for a lot of people Sunday is a super relaxed day, for me it means going to church which most weeks is my only occasion for dressing up a little. So I did wear makeup today, but I don’t feel too bad as I accidentally did go completely without only a few days ago.

No side shot today – I am really struggling to get shots taken during the winter time, and when good lighting opportunities in the day are so limited it’s much more tricky to make outfit pictures happen. Plus we were running late so I barely had time to get any photos before running out the door.

Because I know you can’t really see much from the picture, I’m wearing my cobalt blue dress with a teal blazer and scarf over the top. I layered a long-sleeved black top under the dress, and added my wide black waist belt (like this). My scarf has cobalt and teal colours through it, see here for a close up.


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