Quest for a Functional Wardobe - Chicken

Quest for a Functional Wardobe - Chicken

It has to be said: I have not been impressive during the Fox In Flats June Style Dare! I know it’s still going, and I may yet manage a couple more dares, but I really have dropped the ball here and will be lucky to rack up a 50% participation rate. I could have easily worn red lipstick for today’s challenge, but red lipstick still freaks me out and my heart just isn’t really in it any more. Having missed so many dares already there seems less at stake. So yes, call me chicken if you must.

My excuse? Re-entering the work force for the first time in four years, a steady stream of illness and injury (mostly the kids, so think “lack of sleep”), and a lot of uninspiring winter weather.

Despite all this, I am quite happy with this scarf I bought for the Leopard Print Dare. Which, by the way, I would NEVER have considered if not for that particular dare. And of course that is the reason I chose to take part in the first place – so it’s not been such a big failure after all!

Blue and brown, I find it to be a very satisfying combination.

Linking up with Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday.

[Cardigan: Target $30]


5 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    Mother’s and women in general are so hard on ourselves and think we should be able to stretch ourselves so thin….That is not what makes us strong. These dares should be fun, not pressure,, a way to explore… Real life happens and heading back to work is a huge change!
    If embracing animal print is the only thing accomplished it’s a big one!!!! If the dare isn’t working for you, move on to something more inspiring. My blog is fluid and moves with me, I do things unitl they don’t feel like a chore, I have enough of those in my life…
    We have temperatures close to 90 degrees Farenheit,and thunderstorms every day this week…I love winter and the oppportunities to layer!

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      I agree, and I’m not planning on doing any more dares for quite some time after this! They are good as I do always find something new that becomes part of my regular style, but it’s been a bit too much this month on top of everything else. I still feel like I haven’t mastered the art of layering… but I guess I just need to keep trying until I find what works for me :)

      1. versatilestylebytracey

        High Happiness factor is the key to success in personal style. I pay very close attention to how an outfit makes me feel. On days, I feel like dancing or walking taller, I know I got something right. Once I figure what that is, I can duplicate it… For me it’s dresses and skirts when I add somethig like a moto jacket or great boots that edge it up just a bit…You have some fantastic oxfords that really stand out to me…Check out as she really gives ideas on trends and ways to style things. There is also a forum where you can post pictures and ask questions from the most supportive, insightful and generously kind women. You can also just read others posts and learn a lot.

  2. Anonymous

    Jess, I really like this outfit… the scarf and boots work so well. You have inspired me yet again. Cheers, Colleen


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