My Style Mantra Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - My Style Mantra Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - My Style Mantra Dare

Today marks the end of June’s Style Dare with “my style mantra”. I don’t have a style mantra as such, but got to thinking about the main factor that influences my outfit choices. It comes down to this: colour. The right colour brightens my complexion, and more importantly my mood.

Since embarking on this blog and overhauling my wardrobe, I’ve collected items almost every colour of the rainbow – not yellow (yet), and orange is pretty scarce. But reds, pinks, greens, blues, purples – in various cheery shades. Used in monochromatic looks, mixed with neutrals, or boldly paired together. Some days I’ll go for more subdued combinations just for a change or to suit my mood, but generally I’ll use colour to express my personality in my outfits.

(And because I was too busy having a fun time with my in-laws yesterday to post an outfit, here’s some bonus pictures from yesterday.)

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - My Style Mantra Dare

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - My Style Mantra Dare


2 thoughts on “My Style Mantra Dare

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    In remaking a wardrobe after my weight loss, I have done the same thing with color and am very happy with how much I now have. I too ,use clothing to help my moods. After help from the wonderful women at You Look Fab. com , they dubbed my style, Colorful Classic/Boho and also said I look Unpretentious, yet sophisticated…I appreciate and really love that it is what is coming across to others. I still want to perfect having a little more edge to my looks as that is when I feel most sassy. Besides incorporating color, do you have an outfit that makes you want to dance????
    I really love your use of the two shades of purple with the tights here and love the skirt with the booties in your second look. The silhouette in the jean skirt is fantastic on you!

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      There’s not one particular style of outfit that I prefer, just some days things come together amazingly and I’m still trying to figure out how to make that happen more often! I am loving these booties at the moment though, they are the perfect fit and style for me and give me an extra bounce in my step :)


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