Winter Purples

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Winter Purples

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Winter Purples

The winter blues have struck. It feels like our family has barely gotten over one illness before the next one hits. This does NOT increase motivation for getting dressed and taking photographs.

In the interest of “keeping it real” – I actually was in my pyjamas until lunch time. By the time I summoned the energy for a shower it was only a couple of hours before I was going to go for a run (I’m not unwell myself, just up all hours of the night with two sick girls). So it seemed like a waste of water really, as I’d need another one soon. But I DID in end up getting dressed today, as you can see in the photographs. Which was fortunate because I ducked out to the supermarket and unexpectedly bumped into Little Miss H’s dance class teacher there. I think that sentence was pretty rambling, but I guess you get the point. Which is that I’ve not had much sleep lately.

In other news, I’ve decided to re-tag all my posts with the actual items appearing in each outfit. This is very useful for me (I can easily calculate cost-per-wear of an item, or check if I’ve worn an outfit before). I’m also hoping it will be useful for some of you too (maybe if I’m wearing an item similar to one you own you might like to click on the tag e.g. “grey sleeveless cardigan” and see all my outfits using that piece). I haven’t managed to get all the way back through my old posts yet, but I’ve fixed the last couple of months already.

Linking up with Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Winter Purples

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    Sorry to hear the girls are sick and the extra load you are carrying due to it…hope they get better soon. Great undertaking to categorize your looks. I’ve been thinking of doing something similiar,but summer is not the time to do so…

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thanks Erin, doesn’t winter drag on…
      This belt has been so useful to me, the funny thing is it was buried in my wardrobe completely unworn for years before I started this blog and rediscovered it. Now I get SO much use out of it :)


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