Pink And Purple

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Pink And Purple

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Pink And Purple

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Pink And Purple

I loved the combination of striped scarf and argyle vest so much last time that I thought I’d try a variation today. I think I still prefer my original version – today’s top doesn’t seem to bring out any purple tones in the scarf the way my purple jeans did last time.

But still a fun outfit, perfect for a busy day.

Can I also tell you again how good it is to finally have a proper tripod! In today’s photos I’m standing in the same spot I generally stand, but the camera is on a different angle. I started out at the standard angle, but the colours were completely washed out. Hooray for the tripod, giving me the freedom to move the camera around and the pictures were so much more vibrant and true to colour. (See below for the “washed out” version.)

Linking up with Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday.

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Pink And Purple

Seriously, all I did was move the camera a couple of metres to the left


6 thoughts on “Pink And Purple

  1. versatilestylebytracey

    Wow, what a difference the new tripod provides!!!! Have to say after seeing these shoes and admiring them and how you style them that I just had to go on and found some inexpensive ones in both the black and white and pink and white. I am looking forward to trying them out as great flats for Fall/Winter!

  2. kiwiwomensstyle

    Love the vest with shoes combo. Yay for the tripod – I’m terribly jealous but thinking nice camera and tripod (2nd hand of course) might be a good christmas gift to aim for :) I especially love your close up picture for the colour. Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday xxx

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      A quality camera would be awesome, but I couldn’t use it without a decent tripod so that had to come first! The camera is next on the list :)
      I looked for second hand tripods, mainly on ebay, but there’s not that many around unfortunately. I suppose for most photographers the cameras come and go but the tripod gets used until it breaks…


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