Surprisingly Comfortable

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Surprisingly Comfortable

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Surprisingly Comfortable

Yesterday’s outfit had a tough brief to fulfil. It had to be suitable for: an appointment to sign an important contract, some furniture shopping, and many hours of sorting through old, dusty items from my Nan’s house. Of course, I could have bought a change of clothes. But when you get right down to it I just couldn’t be bothered.

Instead I chose a skirt (to look presentable for my appointment), but made sure everything was easily washable. And along with the skirt, my fleece-lined tights which I love – not only are they beautifully warm, but they are very thick so while busy clearing out the house I didn’t have to worry about accidentally flashing my underwear. Even with our crazy spring weather right now (from gale winds to hail to sunshine all in a day), I didn’t once get too cold or too hot, and was comfortable all the way until 11pm when we called it a day.

Linking up today with Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “Surprisingly Comfortable

  1. Charlene

    You look adorable! Love the floral skirt…actually, the whole look.
    I also enjoyed reading about your day. And what a day it was! 11 pm! Wow!
    A request: Would you mind including more about your daily doings in the future? Being American and not an especially well traveled one at that (have only been to Mexico and Canada), I am intrigued with the lives of “ordinary” people in other countries. Plus, your writing comes as across as so warm and friendly, it makes me feel like I’m reading a letter from a good friend.

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thank you Charlene, I really appreciate your comments :)

      I’m happy to write a little more about my daily doings. I won’t always go into a lot of detail as the majority of my day is staying home looking after my two girls, aged 4 and 18 months (I’m conscious of protecting their privacy). But now I know it is of interest to some people, I won’t be afraid to say bits and pieces :)

      1. Charlene

        Good, looking forward to it. And yes, I totally agree about protecting your family’s privacy.

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