Shy Clothes

1. not at ease in the company of others
2. easily frightened; timid
(Collins English Dictionary)

Shy clothes are a bit like shy people – they might spend a lot of time on their own or perhaps with one or two others, but always the same ones. They are the clothes in your wardrobe that you can’t seem to find anything to wear with, or maybe only wear as part of one specific outfit.

Shy clothes may be great items of clothing, but they don’t contribute well to a functional wardrobe. There are two courses of action you could take. The first is to introduce them (gently) to some other pieces in your wardrobe – go slowly, try one at a time without dismissing too many options as it’s sometimes hard to tell who the shy ones will click with. They won’t like everyone they meet, but you might just find some quality friendships in there. Perhaps you could give them a makeover (if you’re handy with a sewing machine) to give them a confidence boost.

If you just can’t seem to find any more friends for your shy clothing in your existing wardrobe perhaps you need to seriously consider finding them a completely different circle to mix in. Maybe in a friends’ wardrobe, or on eBay, or donated to charity.

Here are a few of my “shy clothes” that I will attempt to make more at ease in my wardrobe:

Brown skirt, made by me.
Only friend: a navy shirt (see here)
New friend #1: white polka dot shirt (see here)
New friend #2: floral top (see here)
New friend #3: purple top (see here)
Conclusion: STAY
Purple/red striped cardi with built-in breastfeeding singlet.
Original friend: black jeans (see here)
New friend #1: blue jeans (see here)
New friend #2: white tshirt (see here)
Conclusion: GO
Although I have managed to find more ways to wear this top, I just don’t like wearing it very much. It’s been put aside to be passed on to a new Mum who might find it useful.
shy_black_white_dressBlack and white dress.
I’ve had so much trouble getting this dress to sit nicely and in the last few years have only worn it as a maternity dress. Last chance!
New friend #1: purple tights and black belt (see here)
denim jacketDenim Jacket. I can’t understand why I find it so difficult to style!
Original friend: black maxi (see here)
New friend #1: print dress (see here)
New friend #2: black jeans (see here)
New friend #3: bright coloured skirt (see here)
Conclusion: STAY
Lace TopTeal lace top.
I’ve only worn this once, for my sister-in-law’s wedding many years ago – I’ve kept it as it was pretty expensive. If I can’t find a use for it now while lace is “in”, then I never will!
shy_pink_dressPink patterned dress.
Only worn by itself so far (see here)
shy_spotty_blue_dressBlue dress with grey spots.
A cute dress, but I don’t wear it. It confuses me as it’s made of beautiful high-quality soft fabric, but the design is really casual.

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