Stuff I’ve Learnt

Turns out belts are good for more than holding up your pants! They can also: define your waistline, create cohesion between a top and skirt/pants, cover up a scrappy skirt waistband, add some colour or interest, or just generally make an outfit a bit nicer. Click here to view some examples.

While scarves can (and should) be used to keep you warm, they needn’t be limited to that role. They are a fantastic accessory when you’re hanging around babies who want to tug/chew on jewellery, they can offer inspiration for new colour pairings, or just add some interest and style to an otherwise plain outfit. Best of all (in my opinion), they are a low-commitment way of trying out new trends you might be unsure of – leopard print, pattern mixing, colour blocking etc. Click here to view some examples.

Tucking In
From my teen years I didn’t tuck anything in, ever. Now I love to tuck tops in all the time – let me explain. Most skirts look better with a short top, and tucking transforms a longer top into the perfect length. Tucking a top into jeans allows you to see your belt (belts are great, see above), and can also add some nice shape to an outfit. Most importantly, tucking a loose top into pants or a skirt is by far the most successful way of disguising my post-baby-squishy-tummy. Genius. Click here to view some examples.

Swapping Accessories
Another way to get some extra mileage out of your existing wardrobe is by swapping around the accessories. Take the same set of clothes from day to night, sophisticated to funky, calm to bright, or play around with the visual balance of an outfit – all by simply changing shoes and accessories. Click here to view some examples.

Hiding A Baby Belly
Disguising a pregnant belly before you’re ready to announce it can be tricky, especially if it’s not your first! Click here to see some of my tips.

I’ve learnt a LOT so far on my quest for a functional wardrobe! Many things are specific to my body shape, life situation and personal taste – but hopefully you will find something personally useful among them.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Learnt

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I have just subscribed to your blog which I stumbled upon whilst googling ‘everyday fashion blogs’. I love the way you wear a scarf but I have no idea how to go about tying them the way you do. Would so love it if you could mention how you do this when you next wear a scarf. Thanks so much. Cheers, Colleen

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Hi Colleen, thanks for stopping by :)
      There are a couple of different ways I tie scarves – was there one style in particular you were interested in? Otherwise I’ll try to remember to include some tutorials in the future. Jess.


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