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Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Scrambling

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Scrambling

Sorry for my absence – as much as I’d love to tell you I’ve been away on holidays gathering inspiration and new clothes this is simply not the case! The last couple of weeks I’ve been scrambling to get everything done and honestly have not had the time to think about photographing outfits. It seemed like a whole bunch of projects I’ve been working towards for months suddenly started to wrap up all at once. Packing up Nan’s house, converting our garage into a home office, launching our new farm management software at work – I confess there have been many days of re-wearing an outfit from the day before.

Anyway, here I am today making a bit of an effort on my appearance for the first time in a couple of weeks, in all blue and green. I’m still trying to figure out if this classifies as monochromatic – regardless, hey I got dressed and perhaps things can slow down a little now (temporarily at least).





Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Reminded

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Reminded

Today I was reminded how much I love scarves. They’ve been left largely forgotten during the warmer months, but now that the cool change has come in they are worming their way back into regular rotation.

Why do I love scarves? They add colour and texture to an outfit, there are many different ways to tie them, they are toddler-friendly, and offer a surprising amount of warmth. So practical and easy – definitely my kind of accessory!

[Scarf: brand unknown $10]

Quiff Dare

Quiff Dare (1)

Quiff Dare (2)


FABruary day 14 called for a quiff. Oh dear. Look, I know what I’ve got here is not particularly impressive as far as quiffs go, but I seriously did put some effort in. To start off, I stalked fellow FABruary-ers on Instagram before I found an example I thought I could give a go. Then I straightened my hair (highly unusual), before attempting to encourage some sort of upwards behaviour in the front section. Easier said than done! My hair is pretty short and I don’t have much experience with volumising – it was just fortunate I managed to find a stray can of hairspray at the back of my cupboard. I’m quite certain I used this same can at my year 10 formal, so it was a miracle it still worked.

I will always say it’s worthwhile trying something new, but no matter how much you tell me you love it there is no way this will become an everyday style! I’m afraid I don’t have the dedication for a hairstyle that requires this much time – I’ll stick with air-dried curls or a quick twist-and-pin.

Quiff Dare (4)

This picture was a bit washed out with the lighting, but I kind of liked it anyway


Necklace Stack Dare

Necklace Stack Dare (1)

Necklace Stack Dare (2)

Necklace Stack Dare (3)

DAREcember continues with today’s challenge: a necklace stack. This is something I’d probably never think to do on my own, but I had a lot of fun trying to create an interesting effect. I don’t think my result is particularly exciting, but the combination of being awake for far too much of last night (teething baby) and the really hot weather today – the creative part of my brain was struggling.

Hopefully this counts as a necklace “stack”. One necklace (which has a built-in stack anyway), plus another necklace linked to a bracelet to make it a better length. So I think that technically counts as three, but if you’re going to argue I’ll pretend I can’t hear you over the air-con!

Close Enough

Close Enough (1)

Close Enough (2)

Close Enough (3)

I’ve worn this skirt before, but usually for a slightly more dressed-up look and generally with a purple top (or once with a coral one). I haven’t been perfectly satisfied with the outfits created with this skirt of late, so I thought perhaps I should try wearing it in a casual outfit instead. And with something other than a purple top.

I picked up this aqua top and held it against the skirt. Something inside me squirmed seeing the aqua against the mint in the skirt. But then I decided to give it a chance, and by the time I’d added a belt to the skirt I thought maybe it was sort of ok after all. Nobody else was likely to look as closely as me, or care half as much. I think it’s good to accept a bit of “close enough” now and then; my experience is that this opens my eyes to more possibilities for future outfits which is great. The more use I can get out of my existing clothes the better!