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Green Belt

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Green Belt

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Green Belt

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Green Belt

I recently purchased this green belt – I had by no means set out to specifically buy a green belt (I imagine very few people would). It caught my eye and I instantly liked four things: lots of holes for maximum adjust-ability, triangle cut-outs, the colour, and best of all the quality. So though it’s more than I have spent on a belt in the past, I consider this to be an investment piece that should last me a long time.

{Belt: Sussan $29.95}


Chop It

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Chop It

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Chop It

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Chop It

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Chop It

I quite liked the mix of striped scarf with floral print, although now looking at the pictures I’m wondering if this outfit might have looked better with my top left untucked – I think the belt makes it a little busy. Although so far I don’t think I’ve found anything that looks good untucked with this particular skirt – it’s a little on the large side and usually needs a belt to stop it looking frumpy.

In other news, tomorrow is haircut day. I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m growing my hair out and saying they like my hair longer – sorry if you’re one of those people – I’ve meant to get to the hairdresser for weeks and weeks and it’s just been slipping off the priorities list. I struggled with my hair long for many years and I’m afraid having it short is just too easy for this lazy non-hairdresser! I don’t think I’ll take it as short as last time, but I’m looking forward to having it neatened up.

Snack Mishap

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Snack Mishap

Quest for a Functional Wardrobe - Snack Mishap

I started out the day wearing something completely different – nothing brilliant, but a bit more exciting than the outfit above. Then during morning tea I was embarrassingly uncoordinated, resulting in a (very) minor tragedy. I was eating some yoghurt when somehow I got distracted and managed to miss my mouth completely, tipping a very large dollop all over my clothes. On my cardi, on my shirt, and on my skirt. All in the wash now.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. Sometimes WE get in the way of our plans. It’s what you do next that counts – today I was grateful for my increasingly functional wardrobe, quickly grabbed the nearest clean items to change into and added a simple necklace. And you know what, I’m happy with how things turned out after all!

Scared Of Paint

Scared Of Paint (1)

Scared Of Paint (2)

The last time I wore this floral print singlet I wasn’t very happy with the outfit, and then looking back I realised I hadn’t been all that happy with ANY outfits including this top. I decided I would have to demote it to my workout clothing pile. It unexpectedly got a chance to redeem itself today – I had a couple of new tops I was keen to play with (purchased at the same time as the shorts I wore yesterday), but this morning I took the girls to the local community playgroup. Playgroup is full of new-clothing potential disasters. Grubby fingers, play-doh, chalk, ink stamps, paint, the list goes on.

I looked through my wardrobe for the top I would care least if it was accidentally ruined. I’m sure that title wouldn’t boost the self esteem of my floral top, but on the other hand I think this is the best it’s looked so far! It must be the skirt – is it the shade of blue denim, the shape, perhaps both? Here are some other ways I’ve worn it:

Turtles (2)Hot Day (1)Ponytail Dare (1)

I would argue that this floral singlet doesn’t belong in a functional wardrobe if it’s so hard to create a good outfit with. But it definitely has a place with my running gear, and might even make the odd appearance on here still.

Not Quite

Not Quite (1)

Not Quite (2)

I bought this striped top last year, because it was there and I had a striped top on my shopping list. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but as I’ve said before I don’t often get the chance to shop around. I get the impression it may be better overseas in places like the US, but in Australia there are a LOT of shops that don’t have their clothing available online, which doesn’t help my cause.

So this is not quite what I was after. I would have preferred a navy blue or black stripe (I don’t particularly like how this this cobalt blue looks with denim). Plus it’s a little too tight for my liking (stripes can be unforgiving). And to top it all off the seams have gone a little wonky after washing (which of course is more noticeable than usual due to the stripes).

A “not quite” top, in a “not quite” outfit. But it certainly didn’t stop me from having a lovely day! Hope you guys have some great plans for the weekend, I’m looking forward to some quality time with family and friends over a fully-booked long weekend.

Not Quite (3)

It might be a bit hard to see, but I’ve got red clips in my hair. I’ll pretend I forgot to take a close-up pic, but really it’s just that they are super scratched and look terrrible at short range!