Feeling Thrifty

Today I am featuring two new items – the first being my new pair of black skinny jeans (yay!) and the second being a scarf I bought second-hand from an op shop. (For any US readers, you normally refer to this as a thrift store. I’m pretty sure “op shop” is short for “opportunity shop”.)

I actually have had to overcome a strong dislike of op shops to find this scarf. Since a small child I’ve preferred to avoid them, not liking the jumble of strange and often ugly clothes, and liking even less the all-encompassing aroma of OLD (mothballs maybe???). I have been inspired however by the likes of Feathers & Freckles, Threads and Buttons and The Perpetual Student’s Wife to give it a go! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the organised and clean layout of the stores – and the lack of smell – but it is pretty hit and miss finding something worthwhile. Maybe that’s half the fun for most people.

I quite liked this scarf and it was a bit cheaper than I’d be able to find in retail stores. And is it just me, or does it add a touch of sophistication to my regular approach of throwing bright colours together?

The picture below is not particularly relevant to this post. I’m basically showing off, because after all it’s my blog! It’s a baby hat that I made this week, to give to my sister-in-law tomorrow at her baby shower. Hip hip hooray for becoming an aunty very soon :)

(Jeans: Jeanswest, 2 for $109; Scarf: second-hand $6)


One thought on “Feeling Thrifty

  1. shopandtwirl

    Black skinny jeans are next on my list of things to buy! I just think they’re so versatile and go with everything. I love the whole look here, and that scarf was definitely a great find! I don’t typically go to “op shops” either, but other bloggers make me want to start going!


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